Sunday, 2 May 2010

Spiral Flowers

Thanks go to Debbie for this one, she made some little spiral flowers which I had to have a go at, here is my how to:

What I used:
Cut out circles, I used my scallop punch (and the other circle punches as I have made more than one), scissors, tweezers and some glue.

Cut the circle into a spiral shape, I haven't used specific measurements, I just cut!

Using the tweezers, grab the end and then gently wrap the spiral bit around the end of the tweezers. I did this so it was quite tight.
Gently, pull the tweezers off, hold the 'flower' quite tightly. Once you have them off, you can pull the middle out to make it a bit 'zingie' and then fiddle about to make it into your flower. I used a spot of glue to hold the end in place. Poke it around and squash it down - so that it sits up if that is what you want it to do, and voila:

My thanks to Debbie for getting me started and for Rae, she has done a video tutorial, which is where Debbie started from.

So, is it your turn now? I have been enjoying myself and have a little tub growing of ready made flowers for when I may need them, in any event, it is kind of therapeutic twirling paper around a pair of tweezers, plus it's a great way to get shot of some of those scraps lying around.

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