Monday, 31 May 2010

Bank Holiday Monday - the end of May

So, today is the last day of May and where the time has gone who knows. Today has been 'pants' weather and I've not been up to much being full of the snuffles. As I said yesterday, finished my Canada 2004 trip album and have taken a few snaps:

Played today as well, this one took about 20 mins to knock together which included trying to find my Thickers (found eventually in my tote from the retreat I went to last year). The papers are a bit of a mish-mash, Crate Paper (used from a class at the same retreat), some Basic Grey, a chipboard embellishment - and some other from Basic Grey die cuts. Your smile = the Thickers I was looking for!! All stuck on to some SU Kraft 12" 12" cardstock.

I'm off to play some more, have some snaps from a trip to Great Yarmouth last year that need sticking down.

Sunday, 30 May 2010

Sunday.... Sunday

Intermittent rainy day today, not done much, made some cakes, had lunch - homemade meat pie made by MIL which was rather tasty with veg and yorkie puds. Fresh rhubarb crumble, our first from lottie (the allotment) with some custard. So feeling a bit rotund! Raving rabbits on the Wii and my SIL came round for a while so chit-chat and tea. Settled down to watch Going Postal but the kids were chatty so will watch it again when it's quiet!!!

In between all that, no cards today but have been scrapping. Yup I do that too! Just some 8 x 8 to finish up my Canada 2004 album, filling in some blanks that I had left and reminiscing about the fab trip to see family and getting 'homesick', not that I am Canadian but I have some Canadian blood in me from my grandfather!!!! I think it is 7 layouts in all, I've a leaflet somewhere (I think) on Heritage Park but it may have gone walkies (or falling foul of a clear up) so having a quick look then off to trash the last drawer where it may be... but I am not hopeful, so will no doubt be popping back on the internet to search the web for some snippets.

Saturday, 29 May 2010

Trendy Trees!

Yay, I got there in the end!! Had my fit of spring cleaning - intermittent as feeling a bit under the weather today. And here is one of the results! They are part of a set of 6 that I have made and are now packaged up and ready to be posted out on Tuesday.

Spring cleaning

I did start the day playing with my set of Trendy Trees:

Then, whilst looking for an ink pad, it turned into a clear up! So I am now in spring clean mode with several trees duly stamped and cut out on my craft table awaiting my return!

I have found one of these:

Mind you it is empty so nothing in the box itself is included! It's a Cropper Hopper embellishment organiser, two sided as well so you can put your stickers and other bits on the other side. The bit you can see in the pic, that has 30 divided compartments, you can get little mini boxes that fit in these, or just use it to store buttons and embellishments (hence it's called an embellishment organiser!). It needs a new home so for £12.00 which includes postage and packing I'll happily send it on its way to it's new home. Just email if you want it - I do appear to have two of them as well so two new homes required, or if you just have loads of embellies and want both, you can have the two for £22.00 (incl p&p).

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Busy bunny!

One last thing for the day, someone very close has some A levels looming so a card is done and will be off in the post!

Yes it is the new products! I've been having a blast with them today.

Rich razzleberry cardstock (119981) cut down to make an A5 card.
Papers from the Cottage Wall designer series papers (115671).
A bit of melon mabmo grosgrain ribbon (115611).
Eyelet border punch (117402) to create a decorate edge to the paper.
Stars & sentiment stamped from the In the Stars stamp set (111502) with rich razzleberry.
Finally, the butterfly punch (117404).
Then a bit of stickles to add some sparkle!

Saturday, 8 May 2010


Today has been, well, unproductive in one way. I wanted to settle down and play with 'stuff' but have seemed to have ended up clearing out some of my wardrobe - resulting in eBay getting utilised especially as it's a free listing day today!! Although most of what came out has gone back in again, some things are just not ready to be parted with!! I really don't know why I have so many Prima flowers, I may find a use for all of them one day!!

It's been raining all day, so have also been stuck in apart from a short jaunt to the post office. Even succumbed to turning the heating on again as it was just cold to the bones and even putting on a woolie just didn't do the trick. Now I am warming up with a mojito :) whilst my personal hairdresser (Ben) is doing my hair! There is something soothing having your hair brushed, albeit by a four year old!! It'll be my turn in a minute to do his.

Monday, 3 May 2010

Feeling twisted

I thought I would have a go at one of the Twisted Sketches, so I have had a go at #5

I've made an A5 card, used some scraps for the backing paper and then layered using some kraft cardstock and some old olive, satin ribbon is also old olive and I have trimmed the scallop and eyelet border punched edging with some whisper white grosgrain. Finished off with the Friend stamp from the Vintage Vogue set. Finally some dew drops to finish off.

Popped out this morning, Melton Constable had a "digging for Melton" event going on so wandered up with the kidlets. Genny had a bit of may pole dancing and made a headdress from some voliage. Burgers and hot dogs, kids running around on some hay bales and then it got cold and so headed home, at which point it chucked it down, and basically has been doing so since we got in! So this has been a rather soggy and wet, bank holiday weekend!

Sunday, 2 May 2010

Kraft n Scraps

I was just toying around with some scraps, those bits of paper that you may have a use for one day but sit in the scrap bag (well mine seem to do this!). I had some kraft cardstock trimmed down which I decided to trim down some more to make some tiny cards, they're roughly 4" x 3" (10.5 x 7.5 if you like centimetres).

So to go on these small cards I have used the Fox & Friends (117020) set as I thought these could make those quick children birthday cards that you need at the last minute. So I have used Fox, Owl, Tortoise and Whale. Scallop punched a couple to make the edges 'pretty' and, feeling a bit messy, tore the scraps a bit. Many years ago I wouldn't have dreamt of ripping paper!! I raised up the 'Happy Birthday' using some dimensional foam pads, just to give the card a bit more oooompf. And, that's it, feeling happy as have slightly inky fingers - heaven eh!

Spiral Flowers

Thanks go to Debbie for this one, she made some little spiral flowers which I had to have a go at, here is my how to:

What I used:
Cut out circles, I used my scallop punch (and the other circle punches as I have made more than one), scissors, tweezers and some glue.

Cut the circle into a spiral shape, I haven't used specific measurements, I just cut!

Using the tweezers, grab the end and then gently wrap the spiral bit around the end of the tweezers. I did this so it was quite tight.
Gently, pull the tweezers off, hold the 'flower' quite tightly. Once you have them off, you can pull the middle out to make it a bit 'zingie' and then fiddle about to make it into your flower. I used a spot of glue to hold the end in place. Poke it around and squash it down - so that it sits up if that is what you want it to do, and voila:

My thanks to Debbie for getting me started and for Rae, she has done a video tutorial, which is where Debbie started from.

So, is it your turn now? I have been enjoying myself and have a little tub growing of ready made flowers for when I may need them, in any event, it is kind of therapeutic twirling paper around a pair of tweezers, plus it's a great way to get shot of some of those scraps lying around.

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