Thursday, 29 April 2010

So close to Friday

Ahh one of those days, the ones where you have had the day off before and not done much then the next day, today, you go to work and want to be home and play. Not only that the back is driving me nuts and it hurts when I drive - numb leg for the old clutch changes and then numb when it comes to using the brake is not a good combination, so I got to work feeling ugh! We have no fresh air circulating around the general office so very 'unbreathable' had to poke my head out of the door a couple of times to clear the head of fluff! Working by the seaside isn't bad though, didn't walk down to the quay, wouldn't have made it there and back, but did go around the Buttlands! Had to go back to the office as my lunch was in the fridge! I made it to 5pm anyway, did have stuff to do, conveyancing got a new instruction so I got started with the HIP and then a first registration to get my teeth into. nothing like tracking a house's title back through all the deeds, the old properties are the best!

Back in the home ground, checking the status of a UPS parcel, left Frankfurt so now waiting on delivery, I feel sad tracking a UPS parcel but well, it has some good stuff in it!! I'm going to go make some owls, a forum I am on, a link was posted to make some owls.
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