Friday, 30 April 2010

Hmm just because it's bank holiday weekend....

....doesn't mean that it has to rain! But if it does well, let it, planning on taking the kidlets out to Pensthorpe to run off some energy - and to get some walking in to help my blasted back - if it is not raining too heavily we will don the wellies. If it is chucking it down, a bit stuffed as I have realised that I don't have a wet weather coat, but then that must mean going shopping! So I think I will be popping out in the morning to find a coat that will keep me dry.

The chickens are back on form, Sophia le Hen had got a bit broody and was hogging the nesting box and there has been a reduction in the eggs - like one a day - bless them, three today so they must be feeling relieved!!

The big kidlet - the nearly 17 year old - has had an interview for deputy head girl, well chuffed as she can now wear the badge, if that is what they do?! I have offered to make one with lots of glitter :)

And a long weekend, which means sticking and cutting and making stuff - heaven eh?
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