Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Day off...

I like Wednesdays, it's my day off and today with the kids being off on their half term, we all went and got chlorinated at the nearby Splash (I just love the wave machine!) swimming pool at Sheringham. Only one problem with being in the water, you turn into a prune at some point and I hate that feeling of pruny fingers! Pool was packed but it was fun and I think we will all sleep tonight.

Came home and checked on the chooks, Sophia le Hen was nesting so an egg is awaited, she is still skittish so I daren't stick my hand in to collect any others, she goes off 'on one' she's a hell of a clucker! I'll recheck as will be off shortly to hang out the washed swimming gear.

I've had a heap of scrapbooking paper and other stuff hanging around so will be popping it onto Papertrends. It is mainly the papers and some of the oddments will be making their way to the likes of eBay. I think later on we will hire a hall and have a craft supplies fair, it gets to a point when I see all the new stuff out there on the market and would love it but feel obliged to use what I have!!! Sad I know!!! Although, Stampin' Up doesn't help with their lush papers!

I have been making a card since about 8.30am this morning, it's just not coming together so will go shuffle some more paper around. I have my new stickles, distress pad and fab stamps to play with from going to Ally Pally on Sunday with my pretend sisters, Annette and Soo. It included an overnighter at Annette's so I have found the delights of mojitos and plus she and her man Raymond are a great pair of chums. Plus, you don't always have to go to Starbucks or Costa for a great cuppa coffee!
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