Friday, 30 April 2010

Hmm just because it's bank holiday weekend....

....doesn't mean that it has to rain! But if it does well, let it, planning on taking the kidlets out to Pensthorpe to run off some energy - and to get some walking in to help my blasted back - if it is not raining too heavily we will don the wellies. If it is chucking it down, a bit stuffed as I have realised that I don't have a wet weather coat, but then that must mean going shopping! So I think I will be popping out in the morning to find a coat that will keep me dry.

The chickens are back on form, Sophia le Hen had got a bit broody and was hogging the nesting box and there has been a reduction in the eggs - like one a day - bless them, three today so they must be feeling relieved!!

The big kidlet - the nearly 17 year old - has had an interview for deputy head girl, well chuffed as she can now wear the badge, if that is what they do?! I have offered to make one with lots of glitter :)

And a long weekend, which means sticking and cutting and making stuff - heaven eh?

Thursday, 29 April 2010

So close to Friday

Ahh one of those days, the ones where you have had the day off before and not done much then the next day, today, you go to work and want to be home and play. Not only that the back is driving me nuts and it hurts when I drive - numb leg for the old clutch changes and then numb when it comes to using the brake is not a good combination, so I got to work feeling ugh! We have no fresh air circulating around the general office so very 'unbreathable' had to poke my head out of the door a couple of times to clear the head of fluff! Working by the seaside isn't bad though, didn't walk down to the quay, wouldn't have made it there and back, but did go around the Buttlands! Had to go back to the office as my lunch was in the fridge! I made it to 5pm anyway, did have stuff to do, conveyancing got a new instruction so I got started with the HIP and then a first registration to get my teeth into. nothing like tracking a house's title back through all the deeds, the old properties are the best!

Back in the home ground, checking the status of a UPS parcel, left Frankfurt so now waiting on delivery, I feel sad tracking a UPS parcel but well, it has some good stuff in it!! I'm going to go make some owls, a forum I am on, a link was posted to make some owls.

Wednesday, 28 April 2010


It fell into the trolley when wandering around Asda today, personally loved it - my kind of film and sorry but did have a tissue at the end!! Will have to watch it again as fielding questions from two kidlets I am sure I missed some bits!! Kidlets now packed off to bed, wondering if Genny will be having dreams of non-human lifeforms that are a rather nice colour of blue. The other one, well Mythbusters is on so that is him quiet. He goes to the PRU on Wednesday afternoons, this afternoon they were making fires so he had that outdoor fire smell about him, despite his issues he is getting to do some fun stuff!! Ben is fighting the sleep fairy, he may just keel over in a minute. For me, I am going to jam the door shut and find the bubble bath :) I've ordered some papers and matching cardstock and ribbon so just waiting on that to arrive now as I will be putting some little card kits together, so that is something to come, for now.... bubbles....

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Colouring in ......

I haven't done much this weekend, seem to have gained a pain usually I feel I have an elephant sitting on my head, this time it is on my ribs!!

Anyway, nothing can stop some crafting, apart from the weather in today's case as have spent the majority of it in the garden, sipping tea on the 'patio' or sitting in with the chooks, I know weird, but they are adorable.

I finally got down to some crafting, printing off on to some SU whisper white cardstock using my bog standard Lexmark printer, the lovely Frillie Millies Cupcake (being an SU demo I can't say where to get them from but hey there is Google!). She is printed 4 to an A4 sheet and I have coloured them in separately, using my two new copics which my gorgeous friend Annette sent me and my stock of promarkers oh and some glittery stickles too. SU obviously have their own markers which are fantastic, I'm going to be using them on some other bits that I have to colour - and if you want them don't forget my spots and markers club :)

I'll trim them down and they will become cards soon.... that is for another day though, this one is drawing to a close as heading off to the bubblebath (Radox calling).

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Day off...

I like Wednesdays, it's my day off and today with the kids being off on their half term, we all went and got chlorinated at the nearby Splash (I just love the wave machine!) swimming pool at Sheringham. Only one problem with being in the water, you turn into a prune at some point and I hate that feeling of pruny fingers! Pool was packed but it was fun and I think we will all sleep tonight.

Came home and checked on the chooks, Sophia le Hen was nesting so an egg is awaited, she is still skittish so I daren't stick my hand in to collect any others, she goes off 'on one' she's a hell of a clucker! I'll recheck as will be off shortly to hang out the washed swimming gear.

I've had a heap of scrapbooking paper and other stuff hanging around so will be popping it onto Papertrends. It is mainly the papers and some of the oddments will be making their way to the likes of eBay. I think later on we will hire a hall and have a craft supplies fair, it gets to a point when I see all the new stuff out there on the market and would love it but feel obliged to use what I have!!! Sad I know!!! Although, Stampin' Up doesn't help with their lush papers!

I have been making a card since about 8.30am this morning, it's just not coming together so will go shuffle some more paper around. I have my new stickles, distress pad and fab stamps to play with from going to Ally Pally on Sunday with my pretend sisters, Annette and Soo. It included an overnighter at Annette's so I have found the delights of mojitos and plus she and her man Raymond are a great pair of chums. Plus, you don't always have to go to Starbucks or Costa for a great cuppa coffee!

Saturday, 10 April 2010

short and sweet

Saturday today, means overnighting with my chum Nets (in reality my pretend sister) and off to Ally Pally tomorrow, picking up pretend sister two (Soo) so not much going on today apart from...

.... been to Cromer avec les enfants. Played the slots (won nothing!), walked on the beach, got wet feet in the rock pools, had ice cream, kids (just 2) had Mary Jane chips, one had to have a sausage too, oh before that they had to go on the helter skelter. Then a little mooch around town and back home as I am dying for a cuppa.

Later, pack my stuff and head on out to Naaaarwich. A great end to the week as back to work on Monday!

Friday, 9 April 2010

and the paper and glue part of the day...

two cards, haven't seemed to have managed much more due to interruptions for the day and plus it has been a lovely day so been in the garden now and then, fresh air has got to the kidlets and Ben has been a tad miserable having hurt his knee. Time to get them in the tub and off to bed methinks!

Card above using the hostess level 1 set, out of the box, this time the elephant had to be popping out!

A bit of a mix here, the birdie from my sweet pea and the branch is from the new punch out, two step bird, birdie punched out using the 1 3/4" circle punch. And, mustn't forget, the lovely eyelet border punch.


In between baking some cup cakes - well aiding in their preparation, Genny did the mixing and iced most of them and Ben seems to be eating them as I keep finding wrappers - I have been intermittently playing with paper and glue.

I'm looking forward to playing with the shimmer paint, I am currently on the lookout for some alcohol (not the drinking variety) to make something special!

I think now though, it's time to go find some grub for the kidlets as it appears the time has flown!

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Sunday and all of a sudden Wednesday!

My parents ventured up from Kent at the weekend, on Sunday we headed out to Pensthorpe (where Springwatch was filmed if you ever watched it), spent some time there, walking around and enjoying the nature and also hunting for easter eggs (printed kind not edible!). It was decent weather and I took a few pics (more than two but I won't bore you!)...

And some cards, well two. It doesn't usually take me too long to make a card but the card using the My Sweet Pea birdie and flower stamps took a bit longer, glazed the birdie and also the flowers and then stuck on some dew drops, birdie beak (and legs) is stamped using the pumpkin pie ink pad (available in the earth elements spots set).

Card made this evening is using the level one hostess set from the main catalogue, out of the box.

I do like the little cupcakes, I have a feeling that the next card made with this set will have the cup cakes coming out of the box! I decided not to colour this one apart from the box which has a slight bit of colour, but not a lot!

Friday, 2 April 2010

sometimes you have to satisfy...

.... your own curiousity (and it is late so not sure of the spelling). Shrink plastic, the new Tiny Tag stamp set and the Tiny Tag punch... one is upside I know but well, now that I have satisfied myself I am off to bed!!!

Good Morning

Ahh a bank holiday, I had a lie in, I didn't check the clock when I woke from my slumber but it was 10 something! And since I have been up, have had brekkie and whilst munching, managed to play with some shrink plastic, (I'm transfixed by the new birdie punch) not done that for a long time, and then played with the Sakura's, not done that for a long time either. Found the hot air gun, punched some more, got out the Versamark and embossed with my SU embossing powder, and look a card...

all before 11:30am.

I'm just off to mount up my sweet pea set as I want to play with them, I have some little cards to make into a gift set and this set will be ideal. A cup of coffee first though.

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