Sunday, 28 March 2010

Dashing through the snow.....

And so what if Christmas is weeks away, it soon creeps up!! Dasher has come out to play :)

Dasher has been stamped on black cardstock using a craft inkpad.

Saturday, 27 March 2010

..paper 'n' glue...

The stamps and other bits n bobs have come out to play. Including playing with one of my new sets from Stampin' Up so a taster of the Fox & Friends. I've made two cards using this set, using the playful monke, punched out using the scallop punch, the 'for you' is another SU stamp ..

and then the group of friends (minus monkey, I used him on the one above and Genny pinched the whale I had stamped!)....

I also got out one of my Bellas, I like this one, she can be coloured in so many ways This one I used my watercolour pencils. I have also had a Prima flower day and the stickles have joined in the fun as well!!


Lemon drizzle cake... will be icing the muffins later, if they last that long!!


The chooks are laying really well, so what does one have to do, make cakes I guess. So today I am indulging in a rather nice lemon cake that my friend Debbie had on her blogette, and due to the number of eggs may have to make some muffins too!!

Then, I have some stamps to play with ;) but before I begin my playtime, best get some breakfast! (I know it is 10:30 but well... it's Saturday).

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Nearly the month end

Well, the time is speeding past, is this something that happens as you get older .

Work has been so-so, got my Award in Legal Studies certificates (three of them!) from ILEX and still working through my three courses for Level 3 - just finished the second assignment in the conveyancing one with a mock exam to finish up. Land law, yeah well say no more on that one and I haven't touched the other one (can't remember what it is, law & practice I think!!).

8 year old is now on half days, being eased 'gently' back into a full school day but this won't be til after the Easter break and the PRU are back in our lives, he has a once a week session with the man from the Pru (sorry couldn't resist). Appointment awaited with psychologist. The other two are fine, usual gyp and joy from a nearly 10 (hormonal 9 year old I would say on some days) and the speaking a lot more 4 year old :)

I've been making cards - forgot to snapshot and have posted them out! And, whoo hoo, made the booking for the next crop - so I hope that most of my buddies can make it as it is in August, had to book the hall up this early to secure a day!

I got a pussy willow for mothers day, not planted yet as it is currently hardening off in the polytunnel, but it will be housed soon in its spot outside the kitchen window I think.

Sunday, 7 March 2010


... where have I been!! I don't know in fact. Just doing day to day stuff that comes with going off to work, coming home to 3 kidlets, doing stuff, going to bed etc etc. Plus my back has been a right pain in the backside to tell the truth, been to the docs, had an x-ray, had an mri, basically I am stuffed, it will get worse just a case of when and when the when comes it will be a case of being kitted out with some 'nuts n bolts' on the old spine to stop it falling apart. So a change of painkillers, although not sure they are in fact really working as after 1.5 hours need more! Physio starts on Thursay 11th March, will see whether that has any effect as it's my bones that are the issue although I guess if the muscle gets helped out to support the spine....... we will see.

Problems again with boy number 1 :( currently in 'fixing' mode. For anyone that an a child on the autistic spectrum (ADHD/Aspergers) we are currently dealing with a major upset resulting in the PRU being back in his now 8 year old life.

Work, coping, without a conveyancer although I have a partner who comes over quite regularly but sadly it is not the same as having a full time person to work with. I have got my C&G certificates through (finally) so I am pleased about that, and working on the next assignments for the ILEX. I sometimes wish I didn't start this as the time and stress of other stuff is getting in the way of enjoying it - not that I am totally transfixed by some of the coursework, I am sure some of it is out there to confuse the hell out of me!!!

I had a fantastic Saturday though - cropping with buddies who come from afar as Bicester :) god we have a blast although my ipod was playing random, Evanescence was played quite a bit. I got 10 layouts done, and a card :) sadly the day ended all too quicky, but roll on August for another one :)

I made a card today as well - was going to scrap some more but couldn't find the photos I wanted and then got waylaid by easements, polishing and having a bit of a tidy of my desk. Sorry the picture is a bit pants, took it on the mobilly's camera. Stamping and embossing and diamond glazing. I had fun which is the point of the exercise and plus someone gets a birthday card!

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