Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Hi have, honest

I have been playing honest! One layout for the scrapbook album and some cards! Between that, I finally got to finish an Ilex assignment and this went off today, dont know why I was mucking around with it as it was relatively stuff that I kind of know already! Anyhow, once I get it back from my tutor will start on assignment 2 :) easements, covenants, mortgages, land registration and unregistered land is next. Day to day stuff really.

We have a new chicken, Sophia le Hen arrived this evening, she was collected (captured) at dusk from one of our neighbours who knew about the plight of Mindy. There hasn't been any loud squawking so I don't think there are any fisti-feathers going on, will find out tomorrow I guess but for now it is quiet in the coup.

I'm not just going to turn into a vegetable and now go and shift some cardstock around my craft table. Also, going through my stamps to get rid of those that are gathering dust, no use me hanging on to them if I am not going to use them, plus it makes room for new stuff :)
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