Sunday, 27 December 2009

that's that then...

So, the presents have been unwrapped and everyone has (it appears) loved what gifts they have been given. We (apart from the new vegetarian) had meat for Christmas dinner and kind of a first really as it was turkey! While the bird was roasting I also roasted up some ham, although not all of us could muster enough room for some supper! Boxing day involved cold meats, a few chips for me and loads for the rest, and some fresh eggs from the chooks - who are not slowing down in the egg laying department so I have picked 8 eggs (all I could fit in the jar). They also had some Christmas dinner - just the left over veg and a yorkshire pud!

The Wren has gone to her friends today, armed with her new DSi. I guess they will be comparing notes on what they got (or didn't get) on the day. Ben has Ben10 overload, Morgan, well he has the new xbox360 and is well and truly loving it, we keep an eye on him so he doesn't get 'lost' in what he is playing and forgets that he is on planet Earth!

We've watched the new releases, Harry Potter, Transformers and left the kids to theirs although I am sure GForce and the others will end up on the downstairs tv. We settled down and watched the new Star Trek movie and well, we loved it and now just have to wait for the next one which I believe is either in the making or won't be long in the screening. Had to check on the IMDb today as one of the actors was niggling me and my mind has been put at rest - Bones is the actor that played Eomer in LOTR. So I feel better now!

We watched the first of the last of David Tennat's Dr Who, and sadly were not impressed, let's hope that the finale is way better. Anyhooo I have Mr T peering at me as my desktop on the mac :)

I'm happy with my new toys, we have to go into Norwich as we have some Gamestation vouchers to use up and I want the new wiifit to play :)

As to the new year, the car needs replacing (deep joy), it has been a right pain to start and has had a couple of jump lead experiences and now we think the head gasket is on the way out. Wonder if I can win the lottery, all I need is a seven seater something that will not fall apart too quickly and be a pleasure to drive to get from A to B.

Couple of days and the big girl commeth, it's a rotten drive but heck it is worth it. We have instructed the Wren to leave her alone, 16 year olds need some space!!!!!

Now, its off to raid the fridge, cold meat salad and I have a freshly roasted joint of beef to hack into..... yum yum
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