Thursday, 15 October 2009

Nearly back at work

Finally going back to work on Monday, it's been a bit of a haul with B - still don't know what they are going to do with him - and my back, but heck the valium is keeping it a bit at bay, I'm a walking body of pain relief! Got my appt for the lumbar spine x-ray, 26 October (start of half term so not too much mucking around).

Back to work on Monday means also back to the diet! Have been loitering around the same weight for the past few weeks, comfort eating and not eating as no appetite!.

Did some stamping today, found my Hero Art Owls, stamped them, coloured them then the mojo took a walk - to the kitchen - and never returned!

Then when it did return, started stamping some Reindeer, getting ready to make some 'magical reindeer food', oh and stamping bats as you know something, it will soon be Halloween. Then I found the owls!
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