Wednesday, 23 September 2009

hectic home

Not been around much, back and forth to the Norwich & Norfolk Hospital as the other half had a corony (not sure if a heart attack yet) on Sunday evening. Am kerpooped (knackered!) as a bit of drain on the old mental state as we have no idea of the cause and of the remedy as yet.

Friday, 4 September 2009

Three a day

Had a bad lurgie day today, was ill yesterday at work and came home and went to bed at 6pm - totally zonked out! Went into work today, still feeling yuk but as short on the people front felt I should, was home not long after still feeling pooh! Went back to bed. Got up a bit later, went back to bed. Other half out so had to endeavour to be human for the kids and pootled around, made some cards.

Cow and the dinosaur I cut out on the cricut using fonts on my mac. I can't remember where the flowers come from (too many stamps I know).

The circle stamps are from SU, I punched them out with the SU circle punch, for the dino card I trimmed it down. Back to bed now!
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