Sunday, 27 December 2009

that's that then...

So, the presents have been unwrapped and everyone has (it appears) loved what gifts they have been given. We (apart from the new vegetarian) had meat for Christmas dinner and kind of a first really as it was turkey! While the bird was roasting I also roasted up some ham, although not all of us could muster enough room for some supper! Boxing day involved cold meats, a few chips for me and loads for the rest, and some fresh eggs from the chooks - who are not slowing down in the egg laying department so I have picked 8 eggs (all I could fit in the jar). They also had some Christmas dinner - just the left over veg and a yorkshire pud!

The Wren has gone to her friends today, armed with her new DSi. I guess they will be comparing notes on what they got (or didn't get) on the day. Ben has Ben10 overload, Morgan, well he has the new xbox360 and is well and truly loving it, we keep an eye on him so he doesn't get 'lost' in what he is playing and forgets that he is on planet Earth!

We've watched the new releases, Harry Potter, Transformers and left the kids to theirs although I am sure GForce and the others will end up on the downstairs tv. We settled down and watched the new Star Trek movie and well, we loved it and now just have to wait for the next one which I believe is either in the making or won't be long in the screening. Had to check on the IMDb today as one of the actors was niggling me and my mind has been put at rest - Bones is the actor that played Eomer in LOTR. So I feel better now!

We watched the first of the last of David Tennat's Dr Who, and sadly were not impressed, let's hope that the finale is way better. Anyhooo I have Mr T peering at me as my desktop on the mac :)

I'm happy with my new toys, we have to go into Norwich as we have some Gamestation vouchers to use up and I want the new wiifit to play :)

As to the new year, the car needs replacing (deep joy), it has been a right pain to start and has had a couple of jump lead experiences and now we think the head gasket is on the way out. Wonder if I can win the lottery, all I need is a seven seater something that will not fall apart too quickly and be a pleasure to drive to get from A to B.

Couple of days and the big girl commeth, it's a rotten drive but heck it is worth it. We have instructed the Wren to leave her alone, 16 year olds need some space!!!!!

Now, its off to raid the fridge, cold meat salad and I have a freshly roasted joint of beef to hack into..... yum yum

Monday, 21 December 2009

And the winner of the longest icicle contest! No work today. (1) the car wouldn't start plus it had 9 inches of snow on its roof! (2) Phoned the Practice Manager and offered to go to the nearest office on the bus but they have been running on and off and there was no guarantee that having got to the office would make it back home. The stooooopidest thing is that it is liked that we would use public transport, even on a non-snowing day the bus journey to my usual office will take one and a half hours! This involves also for the bus home catching the 16:45 from work arriving at destination at 17:12 then waiting, wait for it, until 18:45 for the connecting bus, which lands back home at 19:03. Can you imagine doing this when the buses are intermittent and roughly 40 mins delayed! So, I have been at home fending off the queries from the kidlets on how many days til Christmas and also how many days til they go back to school. The car did finally start, under duress and it took some doing, left it chugging outside for 15 minutes to get some juice into the battery. Will see what tomorrow brings, but I think that I will not be toodling to Wells next the Sea in this weather but will offer again to go to the Fakenham office. We have digital dictation so I can pick up the work there for the Wells office (although someone will need to print etc) or help out there. Would prefer this as the tin of Quality Street is going down as is the mince pie stock pile and I can only deal with so many how many days now.....

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Friday, 18 December 2009

Let there be snow...

....and so it has. 8 inches of the white stuff. I did endeavour to go into work. Swept off the 8" from the car, headed off and got stuck up the road - which took 20 minutes to do a less than 5 minute journey. It got to the point of being stuck and with a usual 20-25 minute journey that would have taken way longer, it was time to admit defeat.

Morgan's school closed - on the basis that no taxi turned up and so a phone call was made. He is well pleased! I think a snowman will be in order later on, once feet have warmed up once more :)

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Sunday, 13 December 2009

cough... cough...

I have been plagued these past couple of weeks. Flu hit the household, not piggy flu itself but varying symptoms, but then all in all, just flu. The 9 year old started the trend and it has worked its way through the grown ups, and in fact is still working on them. There is the man with the chest infection and what that entails as well as the dicky heart issue so he is on a go slow, and while he is on a go slow I myself am feeling poo and trying to keep up with everything - and not doing too well on that. And then the car joined in the fun when the drive shaft broke. So I am now battling with the AA - the non appearance of hire cars - and trying to get them to sort out the repair - I pay for breakdown repair cover and have the garage saying the got authorisation to do it and the AA having no record! Hey ho, I am kicking butt to get it sorted as I am fed up enough with being lurgiefied.

I have in the meantime of all this eventfulness, made some presents, made cards, got presents bought - yay for online shopping is all I can say - wrapped, have stuff to post, more stuff to get - not a lot having just forked out £200 on the rust bucket (car) - and just a week and a bit left at work before the break til the New Year.

One of the (many) snowflakes that have been made this past couple of weeks....

And on that note, off to find the strepsils again :)

Sunday, 29 November 2009

Making cards

I started some cards yesterday (evening) and finished them up today. These are some Christmas cards that I have got ready for when the writing of cards begins. A simple card, A4 vanilla cardstock simply trimmed into half to make a half A5 card. I stamped the card initially with the snowflake. For the main part of the card, the glimmer mist came out to play! Using a gold ink pad, I stamped using the elegant snowflake design onto the glimmer mistified card. Two of the other stamps were used - the ice skating pair and the Santa Postmark. To finish this part of the card I edged it using the chocolate chip ink pad. The main design has been layered on to scraps and as you can see the eyelet punch was used. Finally, the reindeer, stamped onto some glimmer misted scraps and cut out using the scallop punch. Then it was all stuck down! Nearly forgot, the stickles had to come out to add a bit more glitter to the ice skaters.

Next on my play list for today, a simple 6x6 card made using scraps. The stamp is one of the Magnolias and has been coloured in using water colour pencils. For some added effect, if you know Magnolias some have wings, and this little Magnolia has had hers made shiny usng some glossy accents, as were her shoes and the champagne/wine glass. The fabric flower - which I think is a Heidi Swapp one - has been stamped using a Script stamp using the chocolate chip ink pad. Happy birthday is my own writing with a couple of dewdrops stuck on to give a brad effect.

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Monday, 23 November 2009

Stickin' n stampin'

I had a great time at a scrapbooking weekend retreat which now seems like it was ages ago. I've managed since then to keep dabbling with the paper and glue.

I've just finished making 5 cards for a Christmas card swap and also a little thank you card.

Christmas Cards...

Playing with my new eyelet punch (which I can't get enough of!) stamps, square scallop punch, cream cardstock stamped with blue snowflakes.

My thank you card is just a simple card using the petal punch and oval stamp and cut out with the oval punch.

Advent calenders have been a hot topic. This is a baking tray one. Just get a cheap baking tray, cardstock, stickers, magnets and things and off you go...

Friday, 30 October 2009

§§rock on§§

'tis the night before Hallooweeeen, loads of stuff to be done as the Briston Sports and Social are having their Halloween party tomorrow. I'll be a baking bat and cat cookies later, jelly brains and all sorts are looming. But, first, into Norwich, have some shopping to do and an order to collect.

Saturday, 24 October 2009

I need to get back to scrapping

I need some mojo first though. I seriously need to get back to what I really like doing and that is scrapping! I am hoping that the retreat that I am on a countdown to attend is going to spark me back into life of 12" x 12" paper and cardstock.

To that end, I have been going through the accumulation of stamps and having a bit of a clearout, they have been put onto eBay it feels better having a spring clean now and then.

On another note, scrapping is coming back into my life again. Hopefully next year I will have a local scrapping (cardmaking) crop, depending on whether anyone in Norfolk does this! There is a local craft circle but basically, I need to scrap, I miss the monthly crops etc. is also having a revamp.

I'm getting to play with Adobe Illustrator but well basically need to play more. Am endeavouring to get stuff so I can cut it on the cricut, but, it ain't just happening for me, got to look into that a bit more there must be a tutorial out on the web somewhere.

Saturday, 17 October 2009

What a day

Must have drunk something! I have been having a whale of a time, in between getting up and having to walk around as my back keeps going (does it even when sitting down!). Playing with the Christmas and little animal stamps (a simple card for someone who will be 4 next week).

The giraffes have spots but I had to get the Sakura pens out and colour them in to add a bit of glitter effect. Scallop punched some black cardstock and also got the punches out again for the circles. Having fun using up some of the old stuff I have accumulated and the little Sizzix pads are working a treat.

So far... two

Finished up two cards, Hero Arts and the balancing owls, coloured in using promarkers, may just have to indulge in some copics one day! Paper from a Sizzix pad I found lurking and scallop punched the edge of one of the sheets, all adhered to some A4 cardstock trimmed down to A5 size. I have some santas waiting to be stuck down later on something else!

Thursday, 15 October 2009

Nearly back at work

Finally going back to work on Monday, it's been a bit of a haul with B - still don't know what they are going to do with him - and my back, but heck the valium is keeping it a bit at bay, I'm a walking body of pain relief! Got my appt for the lumbar spine x-ray, 26 October (start of half term so not too much mucking around).

Back to work on Monday means also back to the diet! Have been loitering around the same weight for the past few weeks, comfort eating and not eating as no appetite!.

Did some stamping today, found my Hero Art Owls, stamped them, coloured them then the mojo took a walk - to the kitchen - and never returned!

Then when it did return, started stamping some Reindeer, getting ready to make some 'magical reindeer food', oh and stamping bats as you know something, it will soon be Halloween. Then I found the owls!

Sunday, 4 October 2009

Waiting to get back to normal...

..with everything that has gone on over the past two weeks I need some normality. Brian was allowed to come home last week but has to go back this week for an MRI scan on the heart and then it will be decided does a pacemaker (ICD) go in or not, genetic rather than something he has done but still you don't know if or when it is going to happen again. To add to it, my back has gone into one and is an absolute killer; one is not a happy bunny.

Anyhow, I had some therapy and got some time to make some ATCs for a Halloween swap, a card using my rooster stamp and some Christmas cards. Crafting is therapeutic :)

I've got some more to play with but for now it is a school day tomorrow and there are bathtimes calling for 3 kidlets.

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

hectic home

Not been around much, back and forth to the Norwich & Norfolk Hospital as the other half had a corony (not sure if a heart attack yet) on Sunday evening. Am kerpooped (knackered!) as a bit of drain on the old mental state as we have no idea of the cause and of the remedy as yet.

Friday, 4 September 2009

Three a day

Had a bad lurgie day today, was ill yesterday at work and came home and went to bed at 6pm - totally zonked out! Went into work today, still feeling yuk but as short on the people front felt I should, was home not long after still feeling pooh! Went back to bed. Got up a bit later, went back to bed. Other half out so had to endeavour to be human for the kids and pootled around, made some cards.

Cow and the dinosaur I cut out on the cricut using fonts on my mac. I can't remember where the flowers come from (too many stamps I know).

The circle stamps are from SU, I punched them out with the SU circle punch, for the dino card I trimmed it down. Back to bed now!

Monday, 31 August 2009


August bank holiday, we went to the Maize Maze just outside Felbrigg. It was a hot day, kids kerpooped. Spent a good few hours and we didn't get lost in the maze! I did take a few more photos which I will get printed off and put on to some 12x12 at some point!

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Saturday, 29 August 2009

Glaze n Glitter

I found time to make another card today, my lovely 16 year old has just had the results of her GCSEs and as she has done so well I have made a card, although even if she hadn't done so well she would have got one! 'Way to Go' is cut from the Cricut (George) and glazed then sprinkled with glitter. Papers are from a paper stack I have, I think it is the teens which is quite apt. The flowers are stamped and coloured with water colour pencils and watercolour crayons.

Monday, 24 August 2009

Cutting out

No pics to show just yet but well I have been cutting out and decoupaging with my silicone glue! Do you know it is really quite therapeutic but now I find that I have to locate the tube of glue so I can replenish my syringe!

I have been reshelving my place on eBay, clearing out some stuff including some Hampton Art Stamps.

For now, I am feeling quite kerpooped, time to put some Bepanthen on my newest acquisition and hit the sack before I fall down.

Sunday, 23 August 2009

Sunday fun

I managed to get some quiet time today to have a play. Two cards today, the first one here is one that I thought would do for a Christmas card. Stamped trees and embossed it with white embossing powder. I think the paper is from Making Memories, the red mat is the paper's back!

Next I finally got around to using my rooster stamp which comes from stamps happy. Coloured using the SU watercolour crayons and blender pen. I also glazed the rooster to add a bit of gloss to him. Paper from what I have lurking around. The cardstock base for the cards is the SU A4 card simply folded over.

I might play some more later but as it is, I am too warm to do anything than sit around and read/watch the chickens dust bathe.

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Wednesday, 19 August 2009


Sometimes when I go through the mounds of paper I have accumulated I find some and think, hmmmm. I had used it at a crop that I do in Briston and had some offcuts and well they were just what I needed.

And, then I find the stamp that just has to be used, my Jill Penney Gooseneck. Paper by the way is Anna Griffin. Stamp coloured in using promarkers and watercolour pencils. The 'Birthday' I cut out using my Cricut - using SCAL and then I just added some lines to it. The card was made for my niece who is 17 today (no idea where the time has gone!).
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Saturday, 1 August 2009


Four boxes of Ikea stuff are ready to be unpacked although first things first. Off to Fakenham to visit 4skin to check out a drawing... and some bonjela as Genny has a tooth coming and it is giving her grief, then home and to the PO to get some eBay goodies off and then, boxes here we come!

In between, something I made on Thursday.... Hero Arts and promarkers and some water colour pencils, the paper is from 7gypsies - I wondered what I had done with *that* 6x6 paper pad!!!

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

I do scrap! This is Genny and her chicken. Bazzill cardstock, Chatterbox papers some chipboard letters and a hybrid flower printed off from a digi kit. The chicken is called 'Coralie'!!!
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Saturday, 4 July 2009

Made for a certain someone who turned 16 on the 3rd July. Using a Magnolia stamp and water colour crayons. Papers are from the Love Elise range and CherryArte, for the 16 I used those just so lovely Thickers stickers!

And, got the cuttlebug embossing folders out as well to emboss the background.

Quick and it's nice to get down to some colouring in now and then.
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Monday, 29 June 2009

Here we go!

To show that I have actually been doing something! Had a go at this trifold card (Katie of the Glittery type started it!) tempate from Splitcoaststampers. Just used some K & Co papers, stamps and punches. Once I got the folds right - realising that the 12" piece of cardstock was not quite 12" a bit later on in the game, it worked a treat and is really quite fun to do. I stamped the butterfly onto the card first and then stamped it again in blue chalk pad, cut it out and raised it up with silicone glue rather than using foam pads.

And this is one that Genny made although I had previously stamped the roses, she being rather arty herself drew the stems and petals.

Finally, a birthday card, stamped and coloured in using just some fine tips a sentiment punched out and then put on a scalloped oval as well, just to add a bit of edging, scalloped the white card too, just for fun!

Sunday, 28 June 2009

Yup, I know, I'm a terrible blogger! I have however made cards, nearly finished my Rome day trip scrapbook and I have actually - yup, actually - a couple of cards that have not been posted out already / handed over to take a pic of and post here! But, must get camera, I did try taking pics of them on the mobillie but they weren't quite Canon'esque, and just don't warrant being put on the blogger! So later for that one. I have cleared my desk and have space to stick, glue etc, this follows a day of tidying up, interruptions from 3 kidlets and a trip out to the fete at Hidolveston put pays to the whole day of clearing up. Must add that the weather hasn't helped.... sunshine!

Friday, 17 April 2009

The strangest things happen

So, I took the painkillers last night - which are not only good for the op I had last week but are doing my back a treat - and woke up at around 1.30am. Couldn't get back to sleep so started to make a card! Having a supply of 12x12 cardstock is great for cardmaking as I have been chopping up to make 6" x 6" square cards (and having the Crafters Companion Ultimate Pro is good for making the accompanying envelopes). So, with my piece of duly chopped cardstock, I used some of the 6x6 papers from a K & Co pad - the butterfly sheet and a striped sheet. Then, using some odds, stamped a piece of blue, just haphazardly to create a background. Trimmed that down and corner edged it.

Next, used a flowery stamp just stamped a couple of times as I created a medallion effect. Coloured it in using my Promarkers and then had to get the stickles out for a bit of blingish effect! Some more stamping and then a punching a scallop oval and large oval punches. Then out with the glue! Sometime during the above I did actually go back to bed and finished the card off this morning :)
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