Saturday, 2 March 2019

Challenge - JOSTTT0003

Welcome to another challenge for the Joy of Sets. Do play along, all you need to do is to choose a line from the challenge and create your project using the three prompts.
I have chosen the sparkle, layers and pearls for my prompts. It’s really interesting to see the creativity that comes from three words! Here is my take on this month’s challenge.
I have gone with something different and used one of the pizza style boxes to use as my base to create a gift box. Of course, with a challenge that includes the word ‘sparkle’ that can only mean one thing. Glittery things!
I’ve taken the box and used some of the silver embossing paste to paint the lid and then let this dry. Rummaged through my embellishment boxes and just added layers. The sentiment is from the Magical Mermaid stamp set. 

I hope you like it and take part in the challenge. We would love to see your creation so do enter the challenge #JOSTTT003  here.
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Wednesday, 22 May 2013

OU Module done!

Cracked it, it's gone, freeeeedom, well until September.

This is what has been part of my life since last September: Six TMAs (Tutor Marked Assignments) and I have sent the EMA (End of Module Assessment) into the ether this evening.

I have read...

The Ghost Road, Pat Barker (EMA choice)
Paradise, Abdul Gurnah (EMA choice)
Waiting for Godot + the film
Samuel Beckett Brechts Galileo
Sunset Song, Lewis Grassic Gibbon
Selected Stories (Ma Parker) Katherine Mansfield
Five Plays (The Cherry Orchard) Anton Chekhov
Rebecca, Du Maurier (didn't get to read it but will)
Prufrock & other observations, T S Eliot
Howl, Ginsberg
Do Androids dream of electric sheep? Philip Dick
Tried but failed: Kiss of the Spider Woman, Manuel Puig
Orlando, Virginia Woolf
New Selected Poems, Seamus Heaney

So that is the Open University A300 20th Century Literature: texts and debates for you. And so I am left with these! Some are being kept as I will re-read them for pleasure next time around and try not to pull every page apart with dissecting the meaning and literary content.
Of course, seeing I have more to do in order to get the degree I have signed up for EA300 ;) And these are a couple of my new reading books, will have a break before I start reading although I might feel the pain of not having to study (does that happen) and get stuck into them :)

I'm off to vegetablise the first time in weeks where I can do just that and play bejeweled blitz or some other don't need a brain activity :) I might even download a Pou to keep me entertained on the iPad. Join Brian and Genny, don't want to be left out after all eh ;) Sad I know, but after 9 months of 20th century literature, I think I need something simple!

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

{catching up} Day 28 ~ desk tidy! Pratchett and MUD + steam

I'm just going to post the posts from day 27 of the Ultimate Blog Challenge, so here goes...

Well, it's as good as it is going to get, in fact it is going to get worse! Had this idea of going through an Anna Griffin kit I purchased a while ago. Now I do like Anna Griffin, one of my favourites along with Chatterbox. A couple of my first loves from when I started scrapbooking many moons ago it now seems. Having had a tidy up of the albums yesterday, I felt inclined today to do some scrapbooking, but, hey ho, the EMA is looming and so I decided I should get the brain into gear and to some reading. That way, I can get the plan to my tutor. Hells bells though, I fell asleep reading the darned course book. Still have this lurgie which is become tiresome let alone tiring. So, here I am gone 9pm and getting today's post out so I can keep up with the ultimate blog challenge.

I had it mapped out on today's snippets.

Actually it also looks a bit like a drug counter. Brown tub has my mega antibiotics in for the pneumonia and my little blue pills and green/yellow pills needed reordering today hence empty boxes on desk to remind oneself! I love the kit though, I have to stroke everything first I think and find some photos, which I did have printed off and have put somewhere!

And the essay, my brain is so having a wobbly with this one. Part of choosing some of my courses is that they don't have exams (mentioned in an earlier post) since they are hard for me to get too and I simply don't like them. I'm endeavouring to work out my criteria, that must have been the point when I was doing some re-reading and fell asleep! I must get my backside into gear :)

Anyway, here is your snippet of stuff for today. Terry Pratchett, you may have read his books and you may not have. I have and do like them. Today is also his birthday, so happy birthday Sir Pratchett. If you've not read any of his books, Terry has written the Discworld books. I find these quite hilarious and having done this literature course, I think I will reread them in a different light. Hard to believe that the first one I read was the Colour of Magic and that was back in 1983 (eeek, time flies huh). In fact, I have Snuff waiting to be read but the A300 course books called. [A quick break whilst looking for Snuff] There are two quotes, so far that I had to find again, "Goodness is about what you do. Not who you pray to.” and this one “They say that the eyes of some paintings can follow you around the room, a fact that I doubt, but I am wondering whether some music can follow you for ever.” If you read Friday's post, do you still have that ear worm?!

This now leads me on to Discworld MUD - now I am not really a gameplayer - I did enjoy games like Quake (in fact I do often consider downloading a copy for the mac, although I will no doubt need to get a mouse as I use the trackpad to save the arthritis in the thumb!) and also Doom, although in Doom don't let me near the BFG (tend to fire that in tight spots resulting in loss of life). 

Leading from Discworld MUD, Sir Pratchett is also according to a 2006 interview, a computer game player and also likes half-life 2, which I have also played. Although I don't think I finished it as there was a bit where I kept falling off something and dying! Anyway, half-life 2, tenuous link coming up, included a modification, Garry's Mod. Now, Garry's Mod which is now a standalone Steam game is played by the kidlets! They have great fun, keeps them quiet (sometimes). The physics gun is pretty cool in my opinion! Those people that make computer games sure are clever. Here's one that creates the fantastic environmental art.

That is me now done, including done for the day. Back to work tomorrow with the hope I can complete a full day :)